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New Foundations : Episode 7 – Climate-Resilient Cities

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New Foundations : Episode 7 – Climate-Resilient Cities

Cities are at the frontline of climate change. They are major producers of emissions and, as home to more than half the world’s population, they are also where the human impact will be most severely felt. How can innovations in engineering and infrastructure help us re-imagine and re-design our cities to become sources of green innovation? How can cities become more resilient in a climate-stressed future ? 

We explore with urban security and climate experts Robert Muggah, Trude Rauken, Thomas Rau, Sabine Oberhuber, Neil Adger and Kongjian Yu. This episode is supported By Pictet Wealth Management and includes additional commentary from Pictet’s head of asset Allocation and macro research, Christophe Donay.

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